Case Study: How This Chemical Decontamination and Remediation Company Increased Efficiency in Hurricane Cleanup

Hurricanes leave behind all kinds of challenges for remediation experts

Mold and spores penetrate buildings and cause serious damage to the structures they infect. 

After Hurricane Katrina, contractors were faced with a shortage of drywall in the United States. They turned to China to help meet demand, but soon found out that the drywall had high sulfur content and was causing damage to newly reconstructed buildings. 

This case study outlines how Innovative Decon Solutions was able to remove the sulfur from the sheetrock by applying the D7 solution to the walls. They were also able to safely remove mold from several buildings with D7, in a safer and more effective process. 

Read this amazing case study today, and see how the power of foam can radically transform your remediation efforts. 

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