In the face of a global pandemic, all companies had to adapt rapidly. Learn how this commercial cleaning company rose to the occasion and significantly reduced overhead costs by adopting D7.

The rise of COVID-19 presented unique challenges for all types of businesses. For one commercial cleaning company, it meant finding a way to safely, effectively, and efficiently disinfect larger spaces and facilities during an industry-wide labor shortage.

Customers also became more invested in the efficacy of the cleaning and disinfecting process, so the company needed to source a chemical with higher and/or broader efficacy claims, or that was on List N. The product also had to be versatile enough for varied applications due to the company’s diverse job requests.

By switching to D7 for more technical jobs, this company has:

    • Significantly reduced overhead costs.
    • Properly disinfected on the first pass.
    • Increased profit margins.
    • Exceeded customer expectations.

Read more about how this commercial cleaning company tackled larger, tougher jobs and reduced labor costs with D7.

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