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A bacterial outbreak in a food processing plant can have devastating impacts throughout the supply chain. Learn how this grind facility was able to eliminate a bacterial outbreak and get back up and running.

In the warmer months in the Midwest, food processing facilities—particularly protein processing plants—are faced with a common problem. Bacteria, specifically a gram positive species that tends to thrive in warmer environments, contributes to faster food spoilage, reducing the shelf life of products to less than two weeks. 

A protein processing plant based in Kansas was experiencing this issue, and the team tried a range of treatments to kill the bacteria. When all the attempted treatments failed, they turned to D7 as a solution. 

Decon7 worked with the processing plant to determine the best treatment option to eliminate the gram positive species. After a test demo using D7 disinfectant, the team saw almost immediate results, resulting in:

    • A quick elimination of bacteria 
    • A decrease in production downtime
    • An eventual increase in product shelf life

Read more about how this food processing plant was able to eliminate their bacterial issues and get back up and running with D7.

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